Nordic Cotton Grass

Nordic Cotton grows in extreme circumstances of Nordic nature. It moisturizes and helps to nourish the skin gently. Experience the beautiful benefits of the Nordic cotton in our products, and take back your skin with the help of the Arctic.



Nordic Cotton Grass

Nordic Cotton grows in extreme circumstances of Nordic nature. It moisturizes and helps to nourish the skin gently.

Nordic Cotton extract is obtained from the flowers and stems of the cottons edge.

To survive in tough conditions, this plant synthesizes active ingredients such as sugars, polyphenols and minerals, which protect the plant and boost its resistance to the elements. Sugars moisturize, polyphenols protect and minerals nourish the skin and are essential for skin-wellbeing. As a plant, Nordic Cotton is already very soft and on the other hand very strong and resilient.

Experience the beautiful benefits of the Nordic cotton in our products, and take back your skin with the help of the Arctic.

Nordic Pine Bark

The thick bark of the pine tree yields a powerful skincare ingredient. Made potent by the Arctic light cycle and harsh climate, Nordic Pine Bark is rich in compounds that have a strong Antioxidant effect, taking care of and restoring skin. Experience this Arctic reawakening in our nurturing products.

Nordic Pine Bark

Growing in the depths of the wild Finnish forests, the pine tree’s bark is supremely resilient. In Nordic countries bark was traditionally ground up to make bread, which has recently been found to have cholesterol-fighting properties. The benefits of bark to skin are equally exciting.

Our pine bark extract is rich in OPCs, powerful polyphenols that help to nurture skin, acting as a natural guard to keep it looking healthy and fresh.

We only use freshly crushed bark from young pine trees and our extract is produced as by-product in the paper and wood industry, from bark that otherwise would be waste material. In other words, it’s a sustainably sourced ingredient.

Browse our Lumene products, where Nordic Pine Bark recharges and cares for skin, revealing your natural beauty.

Nordic Birch Sap

Since ancient times, Finnish birch trees have been tapped for their exquisite Sap. Rich in Minerals and free Amino Acids, Birch Sap gently nourishes and hydrates parched skin that’s been dried out by busy lives and modern living. Experience the riches of a time-honored tradition in our moisturizing skincare products.

Nordic Birch Sap

Birch Sap has been used in Finnish folk remedies for centuries,treating everything from skin diseases to rheumatism. Drilling a hole in the tree’s trunk allows it to flow out, and is the enduring method of collection. It must be harvested in early spring before any green leaves appear, and the narrow time frame adds an elusive element to this precious ingredient.

From sap to leaves, the whole birch tree was traditionally used in skin remedies for its natural healing and nourishing qualities. Our Birch Sap contains hydrating sugars, natural humectants that keep moisture locked in and your skin looking energized and fresh. Birch Sap is especially good for recharging dry skin, leaving it toned, smoother and visible younger-looking.

As with all our Nordic ingredients, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Current practice is not to tap a tree for more than two consecutive years, so it can rest. This makes tapping harmless to the tree, and enables it to continue to produce Sap that is transparent in color. Just like it’s supposed to be. Have a look at our Lumene products, where the Birch Sap works its magic in deeply hydrating moisturizers and masks.

Arctic Cloudberry

Thriving in the harsh conditions of Northern Europe, the Arctic Cloudberry is a rare treasure. The unique Arctic light cycle and climate ensure it’s unusually potent, rich in Vitamin C and Antioxidants that make skin appear brighter. Experience this Arctic radiance in our revitalizing products.

Arctic Cloudberry

You’ll find the Cloudberry in the Nordic marshes and wet meadows, growing in damp and freezing conditions. In thesummer it prospers in the 24-hr sunlight, while maintaining the resilience to last out dark, perishing winters. These harmonious qualities mean the Cloudberry is supremely powerful, with a unique composition that can be harnessed to give enlightening benefits to your skin.

The Cloudberry is the most nutritious of the Wild Berries. Consuming just 75g covers 100% of your recommended intake of Vitamin C, an ingredient we use in our skincare to revivify and brighten your skin’s appearance.

Our seed oil is laden with Omega-6 and Omega-3, Fatty Acids that have proven time and time again to be essential for healthy-looking skin. Its high concentration of Vitamin E gently enriches and restores skin, leaving you with a soft, fresh canvas.​

We cherish our Cloudberries and use four extracts in our products, each with brightening properties that work in their unique way to illuminate your skin. All our berries aresustainably sourced and expertly refined in the lab to give you skincare that beautifully reflects the power of the Arctic light. For reinvigorated skin with a natural glow.

Have a look at our Lumene products, where the cloudberry shines bright, bringing out your skin’s true radiance.

Arctic Lingonberry

Invaluable to generations of Nordic people for its versatility, the Lingonberry is bursting with timeless riches. Laden with Vitamin E and natural Antioxidants, it revitalizes and restores, giving toned, younger-looking skin. The perfect ingredient for our invigorating products.

Arctic Lingonberry

In Finland, you’ll spot the Lingonberry in peaty forests, growing close to the ground on evergreen shrubs. Used for aeons intraditional jams and desserts, it’s steeped in precious cultural heritage. Having survived centuries in the unforgiving Arctic climate, these berries are strikingly potent and resilient. Ripe from late August until the end of September, there’s a narrow time frame to harvest the Lingonberry and capture its potential.

The Lingonberry’s high concentration of Vitamin E comforts skin, while Plant Sterols help maintain health. Fatty Acids are abundant in our Lingonberry Seed Oil and they work to reduce moisture loss, giving you hydrated, healthier-looking skin. Perhaps the berry’s most powerful benefit comes from the Antioxidant Quercetin, which enriches and nurtures skin, defying time to maintain a toned appearance. Our Lingonberry extract is expertly refined in the lab so it’s 40 times richer in Quercetin than the berry itself. This improves its performance and is at the heart of what we do: appreciating the power of the Arctic and skillfully enhancing what’s already there.

Experience the beautiful benefits of the Lingonberry across our Lumene products, and take back your skin with the help of the Arctic.

Pure Arctic Spring Water

Finnish water is amongst the purest in the world. Our Arctic Spring Water is naturally filtered through layers of sand and gravel formed after the Ice Age and is beautifully soft with a low pH, perfect for supercharged hydration that revives skin. Experience deeply refreshing Arctic Water in our moisturizing products.

Pure Arctic Spring Water

Finnish water quality was rated top in the world for environmental sustainability in a joint study by Yale University and Columbia University in 2005. In a UN comparative study for water quality and quantity in 2003, it was again ranked first. Sourced from the wilderness, we collect our Spring Water directly from the springs natural opening in Finnish Lapland. Its deep connection to the Arctic ensures this water is uniquely powerful, with a functional composition that helps to recharge and restore your skin. Skin is up to 80% water after all, and hydration is essential to its good health luminosity and appearance.

Key to the healthy functioning of skin cells, our pure Arctic Water ensures each component can fulfill its role. Optimizing function means that skin is effective as our immune systems first line of defense, supporting a moisturized and healthy appearance.

Have a look at our hydrating Lumene products, where Arctic Spring Water gently re-balances skin's natural moisture levels. You'll find the Spring Water across all of our ranges, breathing life into our products and, of course, your skin.